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Mirabilia: MD84 - MD89

MD84 Enchanted Mermaid

"This striking sea nymph comes alive with metallic threads, beads and treasures. It will surely be one of your favorite designs. Use the crystal treasures listed or adorn her with any meaningful beads that you feel are worthy of this beautiful mermaid."

Suggested fabric: 32 count Twilight Blue Linen.
Stitch Count: 168 x 258.
Design area: 10.5" x 16.5".

Buy Pattern: $13.50

MD85 Mermaids of the Deep Blue

"Two daughters of the sea swim gracefully toward treasure lost.
Their tails sparkle like diamonds and emeralds.
Their hair flows around them like veils of silk.
They are real and fairytale combined to become beauties of the deep."

Suggested fabric: 32 count Zweigart Amsterdam Blue Linen.
Stitch Count: 156 x 312.
Design area: 9.75" x 19.50".

Buy Pattern: $13.50

MD86 Garden Beauty

"This is a classic and timeless heirloom design. A rosarian tends to her English garden. Her dusty blue satin gown is accented with clusters of precious antique beads. The fairy tale border drips with roses, gems, and lush velvet brown ribbons. It is pure garden romanticism."

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Suggested fabric: 32 count Chestnut Linen.
Stitch Count: 131 x 268.
Design area: 8.25" x 16.75".

Buy Pattern: $13.50

MD87 The Forest Goddess

"She wears a berry dyed satin dress with crystal dew drops aound her neck. A gold locket on her belt holds dripping beads and petals. The moss green cloak envelopes her with ivy and berries from the forest floor. Sparkling firefles dance in her earthen locks and all about as she balances nature between her fingertips."

Suggested fabric: 32 count Natural Linen.
Stitch Count: 124 x 242.
Design area: 7.75" x 15.25".

Buy Pattern: $13.50

MD88 The Stargazer

"White glowing stars reflect over a gown of satin ribbons and brocade.
The dress is stitched in soft greys and dusty blues and covered in swirling starry beads. As the lady watches the sky filled with luminous diamonds she wishes upon them all.
Dreams placed on a star really can come true."

Suggested fabric: 28 count Country French Cappucino Linen.
Stitch Count: 190 x 275.
Design area: 13.75" x 19.75".

Buy Pattern: $13.50

MD89 The Bliss Fairy

"Delicately perched on a curling ribbon of grass, she is caught in a serene moment of peaceful meditation. She dons a dress skirted with green and blue leaves. Her arms and legs are draped with beads. If she is disturbed her dew laced wings will scatter droplets and she will flutter away. You will wonder if you even saw her at all!"

Suggested fabric: 32 count Twilight Blue Linen.
Stitch Count: 168 x 258.
Design area: 10.5" x 16.5".

Buy Pattern: $14.50


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