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Mirabilia: MD79 - MD83

MD79 Madonna of the Garden

"Reminiscent of a Renaissance painting, the Madonna is calm and radiant as she cradles the angelic child. The lush fruits represent blessings and abundance. When completed, this design is truly a work of mastery and meaning."

Suggested fabric: 32 count Dapple Gray Linen.
Stitch Count: 160 x 267.
Design area: 10 x 16.75".

Buy Pattern: $13.50

MD80 Lilly of the Woods - The Dreaming Fairy

"Fast asleep after prancing and dancing throughout the night, this beautiful fairy certainly leads a charmed life. With dangling jewels, a glittering gown, and ethereal wings, we find her quietly nestled in a blooming tree. Usually planning parties with her fairy friends and crafting fanciful gifts for them out of blossoms and magic treasures, this is one of the few moments you will ever catch her motionless."

Suggested fabric: 32 count Laurel Linen.
Stitch Count: 207 x 222.
Design area: 13" x 14".

Buy Pattern: $13.50

MD81 Archangel

"This angel, robed in rich blues and greens, was inspired by the beautiful statues in Baroque Cathedrals and images in Renaissance paintings. He is a heavenly messenger with a gold halo and staff accentuated with golden threads and beads. You can keep his message mysterious or add your own special date or thought onto his rolled scroll."

Suggested fabric: 32 count Tumbleweed Linen.
Stitch Count: 160 x 242.
Design area: 10" x 15.25".

Buy Pattern: $13.50

MD82 Petal Fairy

"This fairy seamstress created her ensemble out of gathered bits and pieces from an English cottage garden. She stitched her frock with lilly petals that shimmer with vivid shades of deep fuchsia and mandarin orange. Complete with gauzy lavender wings and blossoms on her delicate slippers, she contemplates her next gown made entirely of blushing petals while gazing up at a fiery red poppy."

Design Note!
The asterisks in the Fairy's hair should be a solid star stitched using 869. We apologize for the error.

Suggested fabric: 32 count Natural Linen.
Stitch Count: 161 x 287.
Design area: 10.25" x 18".

Buy Pattern: $13.50

MD83 The Feather Fairy

"Become lost in the splendors of blue and green with this prancing miniature fashion muse. With delicate iridescent wings and velvety feathered skirt, she breaths new life into an age old craft. Cross-stitch and decorate the everyday with textures from nature mixing grace and color from head to toe."

!!!! Design Notes!!!!
The symbol ">" (DMC 725) on the green feather on the left of her skirt should be "7" (DMC 907).
We apologize for this error and hope you see it before you stitch it.

Also, on some of the charts, a small area of stitches on the rightmost wing does not appear. Please use this file to complete the design if your pattern is missing this section.
Click here for the correction.

Suggested fabric: 32 count Natural Linen.
Stitch Count: 193 x 243.
Design area: 12.25" x 15.50".

Buy Pattern: $13.50


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