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Mirabilia: MD73 - MD78

MD73 Caring Wings

"Encircled in a garland of olive branches, this down winged angel reaches out for a dove in flight. She wears a gown of sunset hues and a solid gold halo."

Suggested fabric: 32 count Natural Light Linen.
Stitch Count: 201 x 240.
Design area: 12.75" x 15.00".

Buy Pattern: $13.50

MD74 Maidens of the Seasons II

"Illustrating the simple pure beauty of the seasons in the Old World style of tapestry cross-stitch, this design completes the series. Designed to be stitched separatelt, together, or stitch on a large enough piece of fabric to include all seasons."

Suggested fabric: 32 count Tumbleweed Linen.
Stitch Count: 180 x 260.
Design area: 11.25" x 16.25".

Buy Pattern: $13.50

MD75 Butterfly Fairy

"This latest design portrays a serene scene of a beautiful Fairy with translucent wings. She sits restfully in a field of flowers with a magnificent butterfly quietly settled on her outstretched hand."

Suggested fabric: 32 count Country French Latte Linen.
Stitch Count: 199 x 226.
Design area: 12.50" x 14.25".

Buy Pattern: $13.50

MD76 Ring Around The Rose Tree

"Four carefree girls, hold hands and dance around a blooming rose tree. The girls each have black velvet shoes, flowing Sunday best dresses and flowers adorning each head."

Suggested fabric: 32 count French Lace Linen.
Stitch Count: 262 x 199.
Design area: 16.5 x 12.5".

Buy Pattern: $13.50

MD77 Emerald Mermaid

"Desinged in pearly and citron hues, this enchanted deep sea nymph gracefully swims across the linen, entwined in lavender and mossy green blooming seaweed."

Suggested fabric: 32 count Stoney point linen.
Stitch Count: 223 x 134.
Design area: 14 x 8.5".

Buy Pattern: $13.50

MD78 Royal Holiday

"The Empress of Christmas presides over her festivities adorned in velvety scarlet flowing robes, trimmed in evergreen, rubies, and fur. The Baroque gold pattern on her dress changes as the light dances on her gown. Full of glowing splendor, she will grace your holidays as a tradition for years to come."

Suggested fabric: 32 count Chestnut Linen.
Stitch Count: 204 x 288.
Design area: 12.75 x 18".

Buy Pattern: $13.50


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